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We’re building a tool that supports doctors in their clinical reasoning and decision making.

There are massive amounts of information and only a fraction of that is immediately relevant to patient care. Of that, only a fraction is applied, and some of that information might be outdated or incorrect.

AMBOSS provides doctors with high quality and up to date content that makes it easy to apply information to patients. Our team of in-house doctors and scientists review current research and guidelines and design it for patient care, not theoretical research. We are able to impact the care millions of patients around the world receive by empowering all doctors to provide the best possible care.

Today, AMBOSS is an established, growing company. We secured our position in the market and are supporting 2 million users in over 170 countries.

Hear from medical doctor and Co-CEO Madjid Salimi

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AMBOSS is your companion during medical school

Studying for national medical exams

Medical students are at the beginning of their journey as doctors. They’re in need of a resource that helps them study for their exams, and allows them to differentiate the important from less important facts.

For future doctors, we aim to be a mentor, guiding them through the exams step by step and providing exactly the depth of information on individual needs. We’re connecting every question that has only very specific knowledge to broader concepts.

For Physicians

A tool to support clinical reasoning and decision making

Physicians are constantly under time pressure when taking great care of their patients. They’ve gone through training and have a vast amount of knowledge already in their heads. But when it comes to situations where your decisions can have high impact consequences, sometimes you want to double check.

What is the next best step for getting to a diagnosis quickly? Does this drug have interactions with another one? How do I need to adapt the dosage when the patient has renal failure? This is where AMBOSS comes in.


Learn about our product

With Chad Jennings, Chief Product and Design Officer

Facts about AMBOSS


of clinics in Germany use AMBOSS

2 million

registered users in 170+ countries


of US med students prep for national exams with AMBOSS