An Interview with Ninnaya Nilamann, Principal Designer


How did you land at AMBOSS?

When Virva (another product designer at AMBOSS with whom I used to work) told me about the AMBOSS products, company culture and people, I got quite excited about the prospect of joining the team. I felt that I could contribute to the mission and learn in the role. Luckily, AMBOSS also thought I could be a good fit. 🙂

What’s great about the product department at AMBOSS?

There is a sense of purpose, and everyone on the team is very driven and seems to be truly enjoying showing up at work. The team has grown rapidly in the last year, so we are still in the forming phase, but with such a great attitude, I feel like the team can tackle anything.

What is the biggest challenge you have encountered in your role?

I believe one of the important tasks of a designer is to be an advocate for our users. With the previous products I helped build, I could draw from my own experiences but this is not the case at AMBOSS, as I do not have a medical background. Fortunately, I can lean on my colleagues as many of them were medical students / are physicians themselves.