Marc Kassatly’s Coaching Journey


Why did you decide to pursue coaching?

I am always looking to learn and grow. When AMBOSS opened this opportunity up, I was curious to find out more about it, and quickly signed up.

What does it entail? Could you talk us through how it works?

They tell you coaching is neither mentoring nor therapy but I found it’s actually a bit of both. You’re setting the pace for your journey, starting with the goals you want to achieve and the main areas you want to focus on.

In practice the ride was not that structured, and we ended up taking many detours on the way, changing gears between tackling day-to-day challenges and discussing high-level vision and career development.

Did your expectations match the reality?

I had little to no expectations and just went in with an open mind, curious to find out what coaching is about and how I could benefit from it. It’s fair to say I have truly appreciated it, and have since recommended it to friends and colleagues.

What’s the most valuable learning you’ve taken from your coaching journey?

There are some interesting techniques and frameworks I learned, for example the trust equation… but, probably the most valuable aspect was the ability to talk through bigger topics and from that adding another layer of confidence to your thought process and decisions.

Do you have any recommendations for people looking to work with a coach?

You get as much from the experience as you’re willing to put into it. Be mentally open to it and prepared to invest some of your time and headspace into it.

Also, make sure you find the right coach for you. It’s key you feel able to communicate smoothly, and your coach is someone you can learn from.