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We are looking for ambitious, humble and kind people to join our team of 400+ engineers, developers, designers, product managers, HR specialists, talent acquisition managers, marketeers, and medical editors!

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Although we try to hire in one of our hubs, great talent is located all over the world.

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Designed for cross-functional knowledge sharing and to enjoy sunshine in Sardinia.

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New York

Home to the business development, customer support, roadshow and sales teams fueling our growth across the US.

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The birthplace of AMBOSS, where the German medical department started, and a hub for medical editors.

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The AMBOSS headquarters and our biggest office, with folks from around the world and on every team.

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Business & Organization

Create a fulfilling work environment and a healthy business.

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Marketing and Sales

Share the impact and value of AMBOSS for students and doctors on their journey.

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Engineering & Product

Build the products that empower medical professionals worldwide.

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Write the high quality content that’s applicable and fast to use for doctors.

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